Terms and Conditions

Whats following are the conditions which regulate the sale of our products. We reserve ourselves to change the conditions of sale and guarantee of our products and any new rules will be effective since the moment in which they will be published on our site and they will refer to the sales made since that moment. Therefore we invite you to read these conditions carefully every time you buy something.


Validity and cessation of the contract

All the binding information about the products given on shop.svta.it and svta.it what techniques, images, dimensions or details about compatibility specifications  are not binding and they are subject to modification at any time, unless they are expressly identified as binding.

Offers on shop.svta.it and svta.it are not binding. While sending an order, the buyer declares his binding intent to buy the goods contained on the trolley. The order receipt is proved to be by the vendor with a e-mail. That normally happens within 24 hours from the order sending by the buyer. The vendor reserves for himself right to cancel the order in special cases (for instance gone goods out production, mistakes of store, product untraceablenesses, mistakes of price beating). In these cases the buyer will be contacted for offer him alternatives or cancel the order. The order is definitively accepted by the vendor with the confirmation of shipment of the same one sent via email to the buyer.


Delivers of the goods

The shipment is insured and in case of theft or damaging during trasport, will send a new parcel without a few expenses for the buyer.

The product availability is shown in the online side of every product shop.svta.it. Delivery times shown are not binding, if not differently shown in a distinct agreement. However, the vendor does how much in his power to respect this times. On receipt of the goods, the buyer must check that the delivery is complete and correct and inform the vendor of any problem immediately within the next day to delivery.


Spent of shipment

Shipment prices shown are not binding and he only become upon the confirmation of order sending. Can happen that prices shown on the site turn out wandered. In that case the buyer has the right to be receded from the sale contract and receive the refund, if it had already paid.


Payment methods

Orders made up shop.svta.it can be paid according to the payment modes shown during order. Further information is shown in the section trolley payments.



The bought material is covered from the foreseen guarantees by the law.

In particular it is covered as regards building defects.

It is not covered for damages derived by the incorrect voluntary or involuntary use.

Furthermore we do not assume responsibility for any damage or crime caused by the user in the use of the provided material.

In defective product case you will have to give us news as soon as possible and any way within eight days with registered letter with receipt warning for the in escrow replacement (we will send you the instructions for the good shipment) or the withdrawal.

For the products for which the producer offers a guarantee of duration higher than the minimums of law, S.V.T.A. it manages the law period, while the additional period is directly managed by producer.

It will be possible to charge no defective damage caused by delays in the repair or material place to S.V.T.A. . Products are in compliance with the EU rules.